Friday, 23 March 2012

                                    BLAH!  BLAH! BLAH!
The prime time slot on almost every news channel has been taken over by the chatterati! Switch over to any channel and you find a panel of speakers from all walks of life. Another platform to create celebrities! More the visibility higher are the chances of attaining celebrityhood. After all working from the back offices is so boring!
A typical panel discussion has all the panelists talking en masse. Its an unruly lot who refuse to listen to each other and to the anchor! The anchor comes across as the monitor trying to control them and sometimes has to literally shut them up with an admonishment like Arnab Goswami from Times Now. He is one dude I would be scared to face. His flushed demeanour in the middle of a discussion (Saif's brawl at the hotel-I forget the name of the hotel) and then reprimands his own guests. It does make me jittery. (There is this one time I remember when Omar Abdullah made him eat his words and I got sadistic pleasure out of it.) The discussion progresses with nobody making any sense and the end result too is 'no sense'! The time runs out and per force the channel has to send the panelists home after a verbal marathon, a good exercise for their lungs. The issue remains where it was, no conclusions and no solutions!
The next night they are back again on prime time with some other issue - maybe Mayawati's sartorial skills!!

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