Thursday, 17 January 2013


It was a harried and disturbing experience not just for us but for the victim too. Raped and murdered. The culprits were caught. BTW the girl's identity is hidden to save her from further shame but why are the bastards who are the actual shameful lot allowed to cover their faces. They should not be given the privilege to decide whether they show their faces to the world or not. If they have the balls to express themselves publicly then the same balls should urge them to look the world in the eye. The incident unleashed a wave of anger and disgust towards the whole system- social, political, moral and judicial. Each of these systems fails us - the lesser mortals. The anger was justified and should have been assuaged by the authorities by taking prompt action. But it turned into a prime time TV show. Soundbites dropped in from everywhere. Intellectuals and fools alike grabbed the microphones and poured some more words into the hapless instruments. By the way hats off to them (mics) for listening and digesting all the wisdom and crap that is stuffed down their throats. Coming back to the issue- where are the heated debates. Pakistan's antics have taken centrestage. I hope the investigative journalists are following the Delhi case away from the spotlight or is it a wasted investment. This happens with almost everything. Sensationalism is the oil which runs the Media machinery. It gets some work done too, that much we need to grant them. We go on commemorating the anniversaries and the spokespersons go back into their cubbyholes smug in the knowledge that the worst is over. Till the next storm strikes they lapse into an air-conditioned slumber. That is the SOP. After 66 years of Indian independence it is time to grant us our freedom too. Freedom from abuse, discrimination and condescension, freedom from eve-teasing and rapes, freedom from squeezing our identities into our vagina, freedom to step out with the confidence of a man. And if this freedom is not easy to come by then its time to stake claim over it through a sustained and integrated movement at all levels. After all its our right as human beings. Why should we go begging for it?

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