Saturday, 17 March 2012

                                                Healthy Indian Grub!

I made vegetable palao tonight. We Indians are so used to adding n number of spices that the real taste of the main food is lost in the rich spicy khichdi. Cooking the masala of onion and tomatoes in loads of oil takes away the essence of the dish and its left with simply the shell. So I decided to make the rice palao as simply as possible without compromising on the taste. I added only cummin seeds and vegetables with rice, some curd to make it a bit tangy and salt for seasoning. The end result was fantastic. I didn't miss the taste of a hundred spices and it felt so light and filling and of course GUILTFREE! And I am the person who loves spicy food! But this new way of cooking Indian dishes appeals to me and I sure am going to do it more often. The health aspect comes in where all the oil and heat of the spices won't harm your innards while you spend time plonked on an office chair or the couch! So experiment with Indian way of cooking and you wont have to look westwards to get the SUPERFOODS. Enjoy experimenting!! Besides Indian recipes are pliable with no strict measures and methods of cooking.

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