Friday, 23 March 2012

                                          Eat S**t
Just read 'Strange Obsessions'. I confess I too am slightly obsessed with Shobha De! Yup she is the author of this 'masterpiece'. I quite like her works of non-fiction which make lot of sense but this book was crap all the way. It was disgustingly revolting!! Having the protagonist go around making out with every handsome guy and then finding a handsome rich husband is a bit over the top. Such things must be commonplace in the world she is privy to but the common people including the youth who constitute the biggest share of the readers market would find it alien and unfathomable. Yes if your net connection is down and you want to have some cheap titillation then pick this book up. It depressed me with its disgusting portrayal of a girl who wants to become a supermodel, goes to Mumbai from Delhi and lands up in the clutches of a psychotic lesbian. This obsessed lesbo is murdurous so the protagonist submits to her sexual abuses. But on the other hand she willingly accepts her overtures and rather enjoys their sexual encounters! The very next instant she is seen begging her male friends to help her escape. She doesn't turn to her family or resort to law for the lesbo's father is an IG police who in the end turns out to be an innocent man who wants to put his daughter on the mend. I mean its confusing, unconvincing and full of the heroine's sexcapades! Please dont read it if you are a sensitive reader because it will send you over the edge of sanity!! It is total S**T!!! Eat it at your own peril!

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