Sunday, 8 June 2014


 MODI NE LE LI.........

Modi ne le li sabki jaan!!! He spearheaded an unprecedented campaign. Travelled the length and breadth of the country – tirelessly and purposefully. The motive was to unite a diverse nation, once again on the twin planks of development and governance.
A leader who had been treated like a pariah by the media and the political elite alike has now inadvertently turned the tables on them. The elections of 2014 were like a cyclone with Modi at the centre of it decimating the political bigwigs in its wake. It left so many baffled and red-faced. Party edifices crumpled like termite ridden structures. So many planners and non-planning squatters got the axe. Like in UP M&M threw out so many of their aides. In Bihar some willingly tendered their resignations for they were too big to be axed. Some took responsibility for not being able to implement disaster management programs during the ‘cyclone’. Some looked around them hunting for people to shift the huge baggage of ownership. Some left the parent ship willingly looking for greener pastures. Some symbolically volunteered to relinquish their dynastic fiefdom. No need to say that the weight of their surnames and their gynaeology acted as a life line otherwise Mrs Gandhi’s thick diction and Master Gandhi’s fumbling rhetoric is surely not something which can rightfully let them hold on to the reins of the grand old party of India.
Vocal mantris got kicked out. Rajasthan congress headquarters saw an old fogey going out on his backside! He dared to question the legacy of sycophancy. Infighting and bickering has left a fledgling party like AAP struggling to survive. It has become a circus with fresh acts every day. Some revoked oppressive laws hampering their vote banks almost overnight. Just after Modi took oath J&K saw the change.
So all in all it has been an annihilation of sorts. The social pariah has become the PM and is going about changing the way Delhi Durbar functions. Revamping and remodelling on modern and efficient lines. Till now he has been living outside the box – drawing admiration for fresh ideas and contemporary thinking. One Mr Tharoor praised him and drew flak from the elitist blabbermouths.
Meanwhile the lesson learnt by those who could not make it to the corridors of power should not be forgotten. Change is sought, is gradually arriving and will completely change the face of Indian politics- so constructive inputs, criticisms and grassroots upliftment should be incorporated. Though some have still not let go of the degenerative mindset and have started hurling stones for matters which have no direct bearing on governance. Smriti Irani bears witness to this even before she had an opportunity to prove her worth. These foolhardy, battle worn creatures of habit need to  know that its time to change into a new garb. Its been a pan-India mandate for Modi and his style of functioning, rising above party ideologies. Its a mandate for what Modi professes – willingness to work and earn one’s rightful place in the sun. Its imperative that we see and acknowledge this change and step up for a new era.

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