Friday, 13 June 2014


 I AM M.A. AND YOU......?
I always say there is difference between being literate and being educated. Collecting stacks upon stacks of degrees and then uttering only non sense is not education. On the other hand teaching one’s mind to absorb, assimilate and utilise knowledge gathered from whatever source is worthwhile and productive. It doesn’t matter if that knowledge is garnered from outside the system.
I heard Smriti Irani speak at the women’s’ forum organised by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. I must say I was stunned. Earlier I was stunned to learn that her degrees were not right. Her education credentials were doubtful. Having supported the BJP’s campaign for change and development in the election season I felt that most of the candidates were above board. This allegation against her cast a dark cloud over my faith. Then thanks to youtube she came alive – intellectually with a vision and confidence inherent in a highly qualified person. Her civility and humility hit me and I in turn hit that cloud of doubt away. Leaders with impressive tails of abbreviated degrees too could not match up to what she spoke. I hung on to every word she said and saw what education could do irrespective of whether its attained in a classroom and stamped by the authorities or got through perseverance and self learning.
See how all the Oxford and Harvard returned have been steering our ship- sometimes on track and sometimes totally rudderless. These desi- bred, locally trained and grassroots progenies too should be given a fair chance to prove themselves. A chance they definitely deserve and need our support too. And after that if they fail us then of course we have the power to vote again!

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