Saturday, 19 April 2014

Taaza! Taaza! straight from my pen... have a dekko!


AB KI BAAR...........

If Manmohan Singh is ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ then Rahul Gandhi seems to be the ‘PM by accident’ – accident of birth and accident of the Gandhi surname happening to him. Apart from that he seems to have little credibility to sit in the driver’s seat of the largest democracy in the world. I feel Congress needs to step out of the shadow of the family which Nehru started. A fresh approach and a fresh non-Gandhi face will give it a complete overhaul. I don’t think the Gandhi clan has been blessed with the rare PM-gene.
On the other hand it was a pleasure listening to Modi field questions posed by the impish Rajat Sharma. His rise from the sidelines of the party to the centre stage cannot be without merit. His credibility rests in the fact that almost everybody questions him and his credentials. After all nobody kicks a dead dog. Modi has the mettle even though he might not be the perfect candidate. He is the most eligible one visible on the horizon of the next five year plan.

His charisma and conviction has the potential to salvage our sinking ship. We need a leader with a strong spine who can stand tall and take decisions and connect with the people he is leading. Someone who can hold his own on international platforms. As of now Modi seems to fit the bill. How will he fare in the PMO I don’t know but I am ready to vote for and take that risk rather than allow that fumbling scion stumble through another term while his mother once again gets in the wings to act as the prompter! So ab ki baar.... change ki sarkar! Ek chance to banta hai yaar!

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